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Smurf Skatebaorder

Does this smurf look familiar to you? If you were like me, I first came across this smurf without his skateboard leaf and was intrigued by why the smurf had a hole under each foot. It wasn’t until much later that I saw a picture of this smurf with his leaf skateboard that things started to make more sense.

The Smurf Skateboarder was one of the first five Super Smurfs released by Bp Australia in 1980. The Smurf Skateboarder (#40204) can be found wearing a red shirt, white trousers while riding his leaf skateboard. Like a lot of toys, it is easy for things to go missing. So more than likely the Smurf Skateboarder would lose his skateboard and its owner would be none the wiser.

The Smurf Skateboarder was a popular Super Smurf throughout the world. It was initially made out of Schleich’s headquarters in West Germany in 1978 until 1986. During this time it was also sold by National Petroleum in the UK.

The Smurf Skateboarder was also produced out of Hong Kong and was sold by BP Australia, Wallace Berrie for the US market and more than likely by BP New Zealand.

Points of difference

The W.Germany made one has the markings under its feet – W.Germany Schleich S © Peyo. There are no markings to be found on the actual leaf. However on the leaf there are two holes, though I am unsure why.

Due to the quality measures introduced to smurfs being sold in the UK, it is possible to find with a mustard paint dot under the smurfs’s foot.

The Hong Kong version was sold in Australia and can be found with Hong Kong markings under its feet and skateboard. There are no holes found on the leaf. Generally the smurf is found with extreme dark blue skin either in a shiny paint colours.

Around 1982, Wallace Berrie started adding their own markings to the skateboard. So it’s possible to find two different Wallace Berrie markings – Made in Hong Kong W.B.Co Schleich S © 1978 Peyo and Made in Hong Kong W.Berrie Co Schleich S © 1978 Peyo.

The Smurf Skateboarder is a Super Smurf that should be part of every smurf collection. Not only is it a fun looking smurf to display but it’s part of smurf history.

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B

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