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Smurf with Knapsack

When was the last time you went on a wander?  (not to be confused with wonder) Regardless what you call this smurf, Traveller, Wanderer, Tracker, Smurf with Knapsack (#20088) etc, this smurf is one for the ages. A simple design that has stood the test of time. We find this smurf, wearing his customary white trousers and hat while carrying a stick with a knapsack over his shoulder. 

The Smurf with Knapsack was first produced by Bully in 1975. Back then Bully would produce posters with hand drawn sketches of their smurfs they were selling at the time. The Smurf with Knapsack was first shown in 1976 with a brown stick with white knapsack with red spots and was referred to as Wanderer. I don’t think they never produced a figurine like this, which is a shame.

The figurine was only ever produced with an orange stick and knapsack. In the beginning the length stick was about 7cm and this was later reduced to 5.5cm. The other small difference that can be found is with the knapsack. Some of the earlier knapsacks appeared to be flatter on the bottom and the later ones were more rounded. Both small but notable differences!

You may also come across with Wanderer with a yellow, white or green stick and knapsack. This is accessory is from the Jerry figurine (Tom & Jerry).

After Bully lost the licence to manufacture smurfs at the beginning of 1980, Schleich continued to make and sell Wanderer right up until 1986. A version was also made out of Hong Kong but oddly it was never sold by Wallace Berrie or BP Australia. Perhaps it was sold in New Zealand?


For those who like to collect smurfs with different markings, there are not many to be found with this one. It can also be found with a mustard or red paint dot.

  1. Bully © Peyo (hand etched markings)
  2. W.Germany Bully © Peyo
  3. West Germany Bully © Peyo
  4. West Germany Schleich S © Peyo
  5. Made in Hong Kong Schleich S © 1975 Peyo
Collector’s Tip

When looking to add Wanderer to your smurf collection, ensure that his mouth is closed and that he is holding the stick with his right hand. Butterfly Catcher (#40209) holds his net over his left shoulder and has his mouth open.

Perhaps we all should take a leaf out of this smurf’s book and go for a wander (or should that be wonder?)

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B

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