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Smurfette with flower

If you have got time, I recommend that you sought through your Smurf collection. I am doing this right now and though it’s a little bit overwhelming, I am rediscovering some hidden gems. Such as Smurfette with Flower #20421, sold between 1993 to 2015 by Schleich.

The first thing I noticed about with Smurfette with Flower, was the lovely colours she was painted with. Wearing white sandles with a pink bow to match with her white dress with pink polka dots. On her right arm she carries a pink bag with white polka dots. In her left hand she holds a white flower with a yellow centre out. A very cute and simple designed Smurfette.

In the beginning, the stem on the flower was longer than others produced. The stem was about 6mm long but was later changed to 4mm. I should know as I measured it after staring at two versions of Smurfette with Flower for 10 minutes.

Typical of Smurfs released in the 1990s, the blue paint can vary slightly. However, apart from this there are very little differences to be found. Though this should not put you off from adding Smurfette with Flower to your collection. Compared to the more recent versions of Smurfette, this one looks like she should be. I have found in the last few years, Smurfette has looked really strange. One only has to look at the 2017 Smurfette Bride with her arms stretched out in front of her.

It can be easy to dismiss Smurfs made in certain era’s. I don’t have the nostalgia feeling for Smurfs made in the 1990s though I do like to collect them. This is because of the variety of colours that Schleich used on the figurines, especially their clothing and shoes. Some would say, that the Smurfs were dressed up to look like us.

What markings to look out for?

Germany Schleich S © 93 Peyo CE

Made in Germany Schleich S Germany © 93 Peyo CE

Made in Germany Am Limes 69 D-73527 Schw. Gmund Schleich S © 93 Peyo CE, date stamp

It can also be found with a black or blue paint dots.

What’s your favourite Smurfette from the 1990’s? Perhaps it’s Disco Smurfette, Snowboarder or Inline Skater, there are many great ones to choose from.

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B

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  1. One of my daughter’s favourite smurf. She has made me put a bunch aside to give to her team mates on her basketball side. They are named the “Smurfettes” and i am now their coach. Funnily enough, even though i sell & collect smurfs, this side had it’s name before we even got their!