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Super Smurf Review: #40223 Volleyball Smurf

Looking for a Super Smurf to add to your collection? How about #40223 Volleyball Smurf? Wearing red shorts and a white singlet while spiking the white volleyball over the yellow net. On the end of the brown shoe there is a peg that slots into the base. The peg is thick that prevents it falling over. Not like the Basketball Super Smurf.

Volleyball Smurf was first sold by Wallace Berrie in 1982. It wasn’t until 1986 Schleich showed Volleyball Smurf in their catalogue. Same mould but slightly different paint colours used for the Smurf. Then there was a break of six years before Schleich released it again.

There were two different Super Smurf!! boxes by Wallace Berrie. The first box had Volleyball Smurf with a maroon ball. I don’t think this actually it exists. Maybe it was a prototype! I have only seen Volleyball Super Smurf with a white ball.

Production Years:

Wallace Berrie – 1982 to 1984
Schleich – 1986
Schleich with CE – 1992 & 1993/1996

Most Volleyball Super Smurfs found today, come with the Smurf head logo with dancing smurfs pattern box. These ones should have a CE marked Smurf not one with Hong Kong markings.

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B

Rarity Guide

In my opinion, I am going to give Volleyball Super Smurf a score of 2 Papa Smurfs. Rare – but not too difficult to find.
1 Papa SmurfNot really rare but still worth collecting
2 Papa SmurfsRare – but not too difficult to find
3 Papa SmurfsExtremely Rare – you’re lucky if you have this one
4 Papa SmurfsUltra Rare – requires skill to collect
5 Papa SmurfsVery Rare – a legendary Smurf

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