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Surprise Cone Smurfs

Today I feel like a Smurf with a Surprise Cone. It almost feels like my first day of the school and I feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness. For the past few last months, Melbourne has been in lockdown and it’s now finally over. We can now go visit family and family more than 15 kilometres. Or visit our favourite cafe or bar and have a drink. There is no wonder I feel like a Smurf with a Surprise Cone.

Each Smurf is carrying a surprise cone fill with lollies and sweets. This is to replicate a German tradition upon where a child receives a surprise cone (Zuckertute) on their first day of school. There are three different Smurfs with Surprise Cones; green, pink and orange. Some say these are most sought after regular Smurfs because of nostalgia and the fact that Schleich only sold them for a short period.

In 1987 Schleich declared bankruptcy and new enforced child safety laws introduced in the early 1990’s impacted on the sale of the Surprise Cone Smurfs. Basically any Smurf with a removable or separate part could no longer be sold by Schleich. Luckily years on, you can still get your hands on a Surprise Cone Smurf. However, like me you may need to patient.

Green Surprise Cone

In my opinion, this is the hardest one to find. The surprise cone is painted in green and yellow angled stripes. It can also have the cone attached to the left or right foot and also not glued at all. Though I have also seen a photo of this one on a tree stump sharpener but I am not if it was ever sold like this by Schleich.

Pink Surprise Cone

I like this one the best because it was my first one. The cone is made out of pink pvc and also painted in a lighter pink colour. Like the others, the cone can be glued to the left or right foot or not at all.

Orange Surprise Cone

Painted in an orange an gold colours, this one reminds me of Christmas. In my view this is more red then orange but it really doesn’t matter.

Each of the Smurfs are wearing their customary white trousers and hat, and have the same markings under it’s feet – W.Germany Schleich S Peyo 1982. Some also have a black paint dot. The figurine was also used for Apple and Pumpkin Smurfs.

This week I hope you all enjoy and appreciate the small things in life. Most of all, I hope you all feel excited and happy just like the Surprise Cone Smurfs.

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B

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    • Be patient! It took me ages before I ended up adding the Orange Surprise Cone to my collection. The good thing there are plenty of other worthy Smurfs to add to one’s own collection.