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Unknown facts of Angry Smurf

When I started collecting, I had no idea of the controversy of Angry Smurf. For me, Angry Smurf was just another Smurf to add to my collection with all the different variants. It wasn’t until much later that I learnt about the Purple or also referred to as the Gnap Smurf.

Angry Smurf is considered one of the first figurines by Schleich, made around 1966. Some of these were made with no markings or only had a Peyo marking. This variant also used a smaller mould and has both feet flat on the ground with more curved arms.

The other most distinguishing feature, in the beginning was the Smurf’s red eyes and black teeth. Some say it was Bully who started painting the Smurf’s teeth red. In my opinion, the ones with red eyes and teeth are more common.

Around 1979 Schleich created a new mould for Angry Smurf. This variant is a larger mould and has a more aggressive walking stance and both arms outstretched. It also has red eyes.

There are at least three variants of the larger Angry Smurf.

The Hong Kong variant is the only one painted with shiny black paint. The feet are also a little compared to the German ones. I believe this variant is considered rare.

Schleich also made a version in West Germany back in 1982/3. But for some reason it was only marked with a Schleich marking. The black teeth on these can also vary, some are painted and some are included in the mould. Similar to how the teeth are made for Toothbrush Smurf.

Strangely the last version of Angry Smurf made was for the 1960 to 1969 decade display box from 2011. I always thought this was a strange choice considering Angry Smurf was never sold in the USA.

Three facts on Angry Smurf

  • Angry Smurf was made between 1966 to 1986
  • The small mould was only made in West Germany and Portugal by Schleich
  • A rare black pvc mould was made, with red eyes and black teeth. Most likely used by Waldbaur chocolates.

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