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Valentine Smurfette

One of the many interesting things about collecting Smurfs is all the little variances that can be found. It’s a bit like comparing apples to apples. Two Smurfs can be alike but look a little closer and differences can be found. Today, I wanted to share with you the differences I have found with Valentine Smurfette (#2.0156) first released in 1983 by Schleich.

Valentine Smurfette can be found firing her cupid’s bow and arrow. Wearing a short white with wings on her back and little red hearts decorated around her white hat. 

In the beginning, Valentine Smurfette was referred to as Love Schlumpfine in the Schleich catalogues. Back then the Schleich catalogues were written only in German. It wasn’t until 1986 when Schleich started to use both German and English names that it was shown as Valentine Smurfette. 

Valentine Smurfette was sold by Schleich up until 1989 and has not been released ever since. Valentine Smurf was also sold as a pair with Amour Smurf (#2.0128) by both Schleich and Applause (formerly known as Wallace Berrie). I don’t think it was ever sold individually in the US.

Know what you’re buying

Valentine Smurfette can be found with a longer or shorter arrow. The difference might determine the price you end up paying. So if you are unsure of the length of the arrow, don’t be afraid to ask. 

Typically the longer arrow is 3.5cm long and is considered rare by some collectors.  The bow is also painted a darker brown colour compared to the shorter arrow version. 

The shorter arrow is around 2.7cm long and can be found with a slight curve. I have some that have curve of the arrow facing down, up or straight ahead. It’s hard to tell if this was intentional or not. 

Also due to design of the mould, the markings can be found on different parts of Smurfette. It was only ever made out of Portugal and W.Germany. So if you come across one with Hong Kong or China markings it is more than likely a fake. 

In conclusion, Valentine Smurfette is worthy addition for any smurf collection, as she reminds you of your first love.

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B







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