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Who was Nanny Smurf?

When I started collecting smurf figurines there were some really odd figurines that made no sense to me, some examples of this included Puppy, Smoogle, Chitter and Nanny. For someone who never read the comics or watched the NBC cartoon series I was really miffed on who these characters were.

For today, I would like to just discuss Nanny or as others sometime refer to her as Oma, Granny or Grandma first released in 1990, article #20408. The Nanny figure wears a pink nightgown and scarf around her neck. Nanny has grey hair and wears glasses on a chain. Upon its release there were some who felt that Nanny should be holding a knitting bag as she does in the cartoon.  

The character of Nanny first appeared in the cartoon series in season 8, first aired in 1988 to 1989. Later on Nanny would also appear in smurf comics and books. Similar to Grandpa Smurf she would love to tell stories to the younger smurfs especially the Smurflings. She was also very fond of a pink rabbit like marsupial pet called Smoogle. 

China Applause ™ Peyo © CE markings

In 1990 Applause attempted to relaunch the smurfs to the US market in conjunction of the screening of the cartoon series which was later canceled. Nanny was one of eleven smurfs that were manufactured by Applause out of China. Nanny was also later sold by Irwin Toys in 1995/96 in the USA and Canada. This version of Nanny has a more of mauve coloured nightgown. 

W.Germany Schleich S © 88 Peyo CE markings

Nanny was also manufactured by Schleich around the reunification of Germany so it is possible to find with W.Germany or Germany markings. Around 1991 the W in front of Germany was blocked out on existing moulds. From 1991 smurfs were now showing the country Germany.  It is also possible to find with or without CE marking. The CE marking was added to smurfs around 1990/91. 

The Schleich version has more of light pink nightgown compared to the mauve Applause version.  Schleich continued to sell Nanny right through to 2000. 

If I was honest Nanny is not one of may favourite figurines as I never watched the cartoon series. But for someone who likes to smurfs with different markings, Nanny is one of the more interesting ones. This is because you can workout out the chronological order they were released just by the markings. 

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B

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