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2020 Smurfs – wait and see!

It is difficult to write this blog about the 2020 Smurfs when I have no pictures to refer to, just their names but here goes. Don’t worry once we have pictures, I will add them to this blog. 

20818 Smurf with butterfly
20819 Smurf with good luck charm
20820 Smurf with tooth
20821 Smurf with Champagne bottle
20822 Smurf with medal
20823 Smurf with sign
20824 Gargamel* 
20825 Azrael

The odd thing is that this week I was given the article numbers by two different sources, one has 20824 listed as Gargamel and the other one has not used 20824 at all. Like I say without any pictures to refer to it is hard to know for sure.

Romanian Smurfs?

Now this brings me to my next point that has me intrigued is that I have been told these Smurfs have been made out of Romania. This is a first for Smurfs! However this isn’t all that surprising considering Schleich confirms on their website that they produce figurines out of Germany, Romania, Moldova, Tunisia and China. 

According to Schleich the 2020 Smurfs won’t be released until July. In the past Schleich would release new Smurfs in January/February of the new year. Some collectors are hoping that Schleich will showcase the new Smurfs at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg starting on the 29 January 2020. 

Let’s just hope that these will be all new Smurfs and not remakes of past ones. Nothing beats a new Smurf to show off when displayed with some tired looking old Smurfs. 

If they were to remake any Smurfs for 2020, I would like to suggest this fake to be used as Smurf with Champagne Bottle! 

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B

Update: 9 February 2020

This picture was taken from Facebook of the 2020 Smurfs. It’s interesting to note that there is no Papa Smurf or Smurfette as part of this release. 

What are your thoughts?

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