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I can’t wait for the 2022 Smurfs

I can’t wait! Schleich has finally released information on the 2022 Smurfs due out in July. There are six new designs, which is exciting to see. So far the names are only in German. The English translation used by Schleich come July could be quite different to mine.

#20833 Feuerwehr Schlumpf – Fire Department Smurf
#20834 Speedy Schlumpf – Speedy Smurf
#20835 Schlumpf Madchen Blossom – Smurf Girl Blossom
#20836 Griesgram Schlumpf – (Google translated this into something in Welsh!)
#20837 Farmer Schlumpf – Farmer Smurf
#20838 Fauli Schlumpf – Lazy Smurf

Like any new announcement, there has been a mixture of responses from collectors. Some say they look like Lego friends or that the designs are unimaginative. But I don’t care because I love the fact that Schleich is still making Smurfs in 2022.

However, I bet you the collectors who complain about the 2022 Smurfs will still buy them. These are the same collectors who have no new ideas on what Schleich should try to create.

Did I tell you? I can’t wait

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B

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  1. Well, the new Greisgram Smurf looks pretty “grouchy”… i looked up the Welsh translation and it’s Curmudgeon. Cute, ha. I think these Smurfs are cuter and more detailed than we’ve seen in recent years. The yawning Lazy Smurf with a pillow- adorable! I’m excited that they continue through generations.

    • Totally agree with you Brandon, these Smurfs are cuter than the ones sold over the last few years. I am really look forward to seeing the details on the Fireman. But I was a little disappointed that there is no Papa Smurf or Smurfette. Thanks again Brandon for sharing your thoughts on the 2022 Smurfs.

      • Dear Kath B.!

        I just found this site now, and i was glad for that there is a site which is about Schleich Smurfs figurines. I don’t know, if i can ask Your help in making order in my collection, + getting pictures, but if yes, would You send me an e-mail?
        Many thanks: Attila

        • Hi Attila, Thank you for your kind comments. If you are needing a hand in making order of your collection check out the Blue Cavern Forum. The majority of Schleich figurines have been reviewed by fellow collectors.