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Candy Store triangle pedestal

If you enjoy learning about new things then you may be interested in the story behind the Candy Store promotional triangle pedestal. I discovered this when reading the Smurf Collector’s Club International Newsletter, issue 57 published in 2000.

In 1981 the proprietors of a tiny Johnstown, Pa. A small store named ‘Candy Store’ ordered their very own Promotional Smurf from their Wallace Berrie salesman to promote their store! It was produced in an impossibly small Limited Edition of 1200 pieces! The text on the yellow stand printed in white, reads ‘Candy Store, Johnstown, Pa’. 

The promotion included Jester Smurf, holding a red and white sriped candy cane. It is unclear why this particular Smurf was used but this would one of the smallest production runs to be used for promotional purposes.

Wallace Berrie made a series of triangle pedestals during it’s time. Possibly the most sought after ones are the ones promoting various places around the USA. Some just mention the state; e.g Dallas and other mention a business such as The Candy Store!

Brief history of Jester Smurf

Jester #20090 was one of only three new Smurfs sold by Bully in 1977. Commonly it is found with a blue tail. However it can be found with a yellow tail, though this version is harder to find.

Jester was sold in Europe between 1977 to 1991, first made by Bully and then Schleich. Very little changes were made to mould. The colour of the stars on the back of the head can vary from bright gold to a tarnished green to a green colour.

In 1981 Wallace Berrie also started selling Jester all the way through to 1984. It must have been very popular as it was also used as part of 20th anniversary Jubilee series released in 1985 by Schleich.

I hope you enjoyed the story behind this special promotional triangle pedestals. It just shows you, that all sorts of businesses and organisations love the Smurfs!

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B

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