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Eurovision for Smurfs

While we all enjoy the weird and wonderful at this’s year’s Eurovison from Portugal, I wanted to share with you a picture that I was recently sent. It is a picture of the album cover of Friends released by the American performer Chick Corea in 1978.

What makes this picture extra special is the portrayal of a smurf band. Trumpet, Drummer, Guitarist and an extra special smurf playing the piano – Lute. (without his lute).

In 1998 Schleich released the 40th Anniversary Rock Band, to coincide with the smurfs 40th annivery (1958 to 1998). Inluded in the set was Drummer Smurf and Drums, Keyboard Smurf and Keyboard, Bass Guitar Smurf, Lead Guitar Smurf and Singer Smurf with Microphone. The set also includes the stage, speakers and a 40th Anniversary Banner. Each band member was wearing silver trousers and different coloured fluro tops. Very Eurovision!

To complement this, Schleich also released Anniversary Display #40400 in 1998. This display box set included the new playset Drummer #40623, the new Super Smurf Keyboarder #40250 and three regular smurfs, Lead Guitar #20449, Bass Guitar #20450 and Lead Singer #20451. 

By 2002 Schleich had changed their tune and released 12 set Marching Band. This was the first time Schleich would base all their new smurfs on a particular theme. Up until then they had only released a pair of smurfs on a particular theme; for example Caveman and Cavewoman. 

The Marching Band smurfs were made up of twelve smurfs each wearing a red jacket with gold frogging, navy blue trousers with a gold stripe except for Smurfette who was wearing a navy blue skirt and their white smurf hat’s included a navy blue peak. As the Marching Band smurfs were only sold by Schleich in 2002 and 2003 these smurfs are highly collectible.

One of the biggest and most extraordinary music hits was ‘The Smurf Song’ performed by Father Abraham in 1978. This simple (annoying) song ended up making number 1 on the music charts in 16 countries. More recently Andre Rieu has also been performing ‘The Smurf Song’ at his concerts with Father Abraham, much to the bemusement of his audience. 

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B

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