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Favourite New Smurf of 2023

What was your favourite new Smurf of 2023? Schleich only released six new Smurfs for 2023, which was little disappointing, but at least they are still producing new figurines. From my experience, people can’t believe Smurfs still exist. Especially in Australia.

Smurfs from 2023

#20839 Dimwitty Smurf
#20840 Scaredy Smurf
#20841 Wild Smurf
#20842 Vanity Smurf
#20843 Keep on Smurfin Smurf
#20844 Taking Care of Earth Smurf

In the beginning I really like #20844 Taking Care of Earth Smurf. However, at the moment I really like #20842 Vanity Smurf. But that’s quite typical for me to change my mind.

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B

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