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Smurfs according to Kylie

I am an avid smurf fan and I have 129 smurf figurines. I started like most kids back in the 70s. Mum and dad only brought petrol at BP as they sold the Smurfs when you brought petrol. 

I am not sure why they appeal to me. I think it is an innocent thing about them. They don’t swear, they try and be kind to each other. They have different personalities and you can relate too or want to be like.

My favorite character is Brainy Smurf. I wish l was smart and I like smart people.  I can relate to him when he trys to help and the others keep kicking him aside. 

The favourite smurf figurine of mine is Smurfette on roller skates. I use to hold her and push her tiny legs together as if she was really skating.
People are surprised at first and then say they use to play with smurfs but they never kept them.

Randomly sometimes like to annoy people and say stupid stuff like “I have the smurf song on my mind lala la la la la oh what comes next I forget. Its just for fun and brings a smile to people as they tell me I’m weird.

Thanks, Kylie for sharing your Smurf story with us. I feel I can easily identify with parts of your story such as buying Smurfs from the BP Service Station. Kylie lives in Craigmore, South Australia.

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B

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