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After receiving such a positive response from my previous piece on Super Smurf Papa Smurf Teacher it made me think of other Super Smurfs that sometimes can be found mixed up. Smurf in Car also known as Car Driver is one that can be easily found with the wrong smurf figurine if you are not careful. 

This was one of the first Super Smurfs sold in Australia by BP Australia and was commonly made in Hong Kong and can be found with a red car and brown steering wheel. The markings are found underneath the front of the vehicle and the figurine is generally found with a dark yellow helmet. 

In Europe, Car Driver was made both in West Germany and then also in Portugal. Once again a red car was used but this one has yellow steering wheel. The same kind of figurine was used wearing white pants and a yellow helmet. I do not think they ever produced one with a brown or black steering wheel on this version. It was first sold around 1979 by Schleich. 

In 1990 Applause tried to relaunch the smurfs to the USA and introduced the Roll- A-Long Line of Super Smurfs. Though the same figurine was used, this time the car was bright orange with a bright green steering wheel. Sadly these were only sold for a short time and are now highly collectible. 

Between 1991 to 1993 Schleich produced a new yellow car with  a black steering wheel. For some reason Schleich decided to use the figurine that was originally produced for the Tricycle Super Smurf where it has racing goggles resting on his white hat. Then later on for Log Car produced around 1983. 

Every now and then you may find the Car Driver with a smurf wearing a green helmet. This is incorrect as this smurf belongs to Go Cart. 

So as you can see it is quite easy to mix up the smurfs and their vehicles whether it be a red or yellow car or go cart. 

Keep on Smurfin

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