Doctor Smurf

Come to think about it, we have all had to visit a doctor at sometime or other. Fortunately for us they do not look like Doctor  Smurf who wears a white coat, has a stethoscope around his neck and carries a thermometer under his arm. 

Doctor Smurf was first produced by Schleich in 1978 right up until 2006 and then again in 2011. I can’t think of too many smurfs that have produced for more than 28 years consecutively, so this just goes to show how popular Doctor Smurf was around the world.

There are a couple different colour versions to be found with Doctor Smurf. The first Doctor Smurf was sold with a yellow mirror and the end of the thermometer unpainted. This one is considered the rarest out of the all the Doctor Smurfs produced. The second Doctor Smurf was sold with a silver mirror and the end of thermometer is painted silver. This version is typically found with blue lines on the thermometer. The third version sold in the USA and produced by Wallace Berrie has a silver mirror and the end of the thermometer is painted. The thermometer has red and black lines. 

When the Doctor Smurf was first made in Hong Kong around 1978/79 these were spray painted. You can tell this by looking at the blue skin on the face. The other odd thing is that in the beginning they did not include any Hong Kong marking. On some of these you can actually see where they blocked out the old W.Germany markings. 

Doctor Smurf was first sold in Australia around December 1980 by BP Australia. At this stage smurfs were still in their infancy and only 27 regular smurfs and 9 super smurfs were available. In the ‘Smurfy Christmas for Everyone’ BP Australia brochure published in 1980, Doctor Smurf was introduced as one of six new regular smurfs available for just 85 cents. The other five smurfs included were Cricketer, Thirsty, First Aid, Toothbrush and Ice Lolly (referred as Smurfee in the brochure). 

If you love collecting smurfs based on their markings, Doctor Smurf is well worth persuing as there are at least thirteen different markings, possibly more if you were to count the paint dots as well. 

A smurf a day keeps the doctor away

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B