Nostalgia Alert! Hiker Smurf

One of my favourite Smurfs is Hiker, first produced in 1978. There are two Schleich versions of Hiker though I am really familour with only one. Wearing a yellow jackey with a green backpack but most notably has a red flower attached to his hat.

I have fond memories from childhood of Hiker. Playing in a sandpit and going on pretend adventures with Hiker. Back then I didn’t care too much for colour or marking variations. This fascination came later when I rediscovered the Smurfs as an adult.

In the late 1970s through to the early 1980s, the demand for Smurfs globally was massive. For example, Hiker was made in four different countries by Schleich; West Germany/Germany, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and Portugal. I can’t think of any toys in 2021 that are made in four different countries.

In addition, due to the high demand for Smurfs counterfeit versions were also made. Some of these Hiker Smurfs are worth more than the Schleich ones. Such as the Comic no Toxico (CNT) with the soft matte paint colours or the Polish ones with a red stick.

I am a big fan or recycling and use this as an excuse when buying vintage Smurfs. Nieces and nephews are bemused by my collection of 60+ Hikers. I recall trying to explain that each Hiker was different. If I was child, I would have been excited just to see so many Hikers. Or that someone else appeciated going on the adventures with Hiker Smurf.

Possibly the other reason I adored Hiker was a mini story book called The Wandering Smurf. It’s about a Smurf who decided to go on adventure outside the Smurf Village. Papa Smurf also gave him a magic whistle to bring home again. Nostalgia is a powerful feeling that is never far away with Hiker Smurf.

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B

New Hiker & Adventurer Smurfs

Who would you prefer to go on hike with, New Hiker or Adventurer? Both were released in 2001 by Schleich until 2005.

Let’s start with New Hiker

Carrying a heavy pack on his back, sweat running down his cheeks, while wearing a long sleeved red shirt with a yellow pocket, grey pants and brown hiking boots. His white hat also has yellow visor. There is also another Hiker #20041 in the smurf village but this New Hiker is a lot more serious.

The first release has grey between the shoelaces has shiny blue skin and was only available for a very short period. After this, all other New Hikers do not have grey between the shoelaces. It can also be found with either shiny or matte blue skin.

New Hiker can only be found with the markings © 00 Schleich S Germany © 2000 Peyo Made in China CE. It is also commonly found with a blue paint dot under it’s feet. However it is unclear why they included two years as part of the markings – 00 and 2000!

Schonwald Resort also released their New Hiker in March 2004. There were only 600 pieces released.

Adventurer, is my favourite smurf from the ones released in 2001. On more than one occasion an Adventurer Smurf has been on a hike with me and my husband. 

Holding a compass in the right hand and carrying a pack with his sleeping bag on his back. Over the years Adventurer was available it does not appear any changes to the figurine were made. The markings can be found under the feet – Made in China Schleich S Germany © 2000 CE with or without blue paint dot.

So who would I prefer to go on hike with? – I would have to say Adventurer as he appears to be having more fun and has a smile on his face. New Hiker looks a lot more serious and looks like he needs well deserve rest. 

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B