Tennis Player Smurf #20049

Like many of you, I have a ‘Most Wanted’ List of Smurfs that appears to never shrink in size but to only grow in size. The one piece mould Tennis Player was one of the early ones added to the list and still remains to be found.

The Tennis Player was first made in 1979 by Schleich. In the beginning it was produced as a one piece mould with an orangey red tennis racquet with a yellow tennis ball attached. It is also the one that is shown in the Schleich catalogue between 1979 to 1984. Though I don’t believe it was ever made this long as otherwise there would be hundreds of these out there.

Typically you will find the Tennis Player with a red plastic removable racquet. Due to the popularity it was made in W.Germany, Portugal, Hong Kong and also in China. Tennis Player was produced between 1979 to 2000.

BP Australia also sold Tennis Player in 1980. It is unclear exactly when it was sold but it can be found on Collecting Smurfs is Smurfy poster that appeared in the TV Week in June 1980. Tennis Player was also sold in New Zealand by BP.

Coloured variations

Over the years, I have seen the Tennis Player with different coloured shirts and shorts. Now I am no expert but I don’t believe these were actually produced like this and are genuine. The coloured shirts definetly adds colour to the Smurf but the price tag also associated with them is just crazy. Beware of ‘rare’ coloured variations!

This also brings me to the coloured variations that can be found with the tennis racquet. From my understanding the Tennis Player was only sold with a red plastic tennis racquet. The racquet produced by Schleich has smaller holes compared to the Bully ones with larger holes. So if you happen to find a Tennis Player with a yellow, white or some other coloured tennis racquet, it is more than likely this is from another Bully figurine.

Tennis Player can also be complemented when on display with two other tennis themed Smurfs. Tennis Player #20093 produced by Bully and Tennis Smurfette #20135 produced by Schleich.

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Kath B

OMO smurfs

I have to admit, I have never actually brought OMO washing powder/laundry detergent. However if they were sell them again with the offer of a free smurf I surely would be tempted.

In one promotion by OMO 16 mini light blue smurfs were produced with the markings OMO © Peyo 1983. It is thought that these were given away with a box of washing powder. Each mini blue smurf measuring about 2.5 cm to 3 cm represents an actual smurf figurine. These included #20023 Guitarist, 20031 Postman, 20039 Mallet, 20041 Hiker, 20044 Lover, 20049 Tennis, 20050 Pointing, 20059 Teacher, 20062 Telephone, 20068 Football Player, 20095 Oboist, 20123 Policeman, 20126 Rollerskater, 20140 Secretary, 20141 Papa Captain and 20142 Mermaid.

OMO also sold smurfs that displayed the word OMO in black text on the smurf’s shirt. These were typically sold in a plastic sealed bag. These included #20065 Rugby, #20068 Football Player, #20093 Tennis Player. There was also one released holding a box  of OMO washing powder and one holding an OMO box with the words ‘Have a Heart’ on it. It appears that the figurine used for these two are the same one as #20160 Apple smurf. The ‘Have a Heart’ one is also an interesting one as it appears to be the same heart used for #20125 Heart. 

It is a little unclear exactly when this promotion occurred and in which countries. As the mini smurfs have the year 1983 on them it is thought that the promotion was around 1984 and possibly only in France. Though as yet I have not been able to confirm this for sure. 

It has not only been OMO that has sold mini smurfs. Others include may Kinder Surprise, JouJoux, Chupa Chumps to just name a few. 

In 1998 the JouJoux/Zwiefel promotion sold 10 mini Christmas smurfs representing Christmas smurf figurines. These were originally sold in Switzerland, upon where a mini smurf was included with a packet of potato chips. This sounds like my kind of promotion, that would have costed me dearly.

In 2008 the Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn sold 15 minismurfs to coincide with the smurfs 50th anniversary. There was also a nice simple display cardboard box that cames with these smurfs. 

Like any promotional smurfs, it always help to have some idea  of what to look out for. Whether this be any markings, colour variations or just the actual company using a smurf as a promotion. For example OMO smurfs should be found with their whites keeping white and colours vibrant. 

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