Comparing the 2017 Smurf with Bouquet to the 2001 original

Do you know difference between Smurf with Bouquet #20798 and Smurf with Flowers #20469 (also known as Bouquet Smurf)?

In 2017 Schleich released the Occasion themed Smurfs, that included Smurf with Bouquet. Holding out with one hand a bouquet of flowers while the other hand is behind his back.

Back in 2001 Schleich released Smurf with flowers. A Smurf carries a huge bunch of flowers, hiding his face.

The biggest and most striking difference between the two Smurfs is their faces. On Smurf with Bouquet his eyes are joined together, whereas Smurf with Flowers has two separate eyes. I really like Smurfs painted with two eyes compared to their eyes painted together. This gives the Smurf more character because of their pupils.

Also in 2017, Schleich changed the design of the Smurfs body to a more scrawny shape. By doing this, it gives you the impression the head is really big and his ears stick out. Even the Smurf’s tail appears to have dwindled in size. It’s at least half the size it was back in 2001. Like many, I was not a fan of this change.

Lastly at least both Smurfs are wearing their customary white trousers and hat. Thank goodness some things haven’t changed.

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B

Smurf markings

Smurf with Bouquet #20798
1. Made in China Am Limes 69 D-73527 Schw. Gmund Schleich S © 2016 Peyo CE markings with a date stamp

Smurf with Flowers #20469
1. Made in China Schleich S Germany Peyo © 00 CE
2. Made in China Am Limes 69 D-73527 Schw. Gmund Schleich S © Peyo 00 CE markings with a date stamp

2017 Smurfs Review

This week I had a pleasant surprise when I received the 2017 smurfs in the post. I was not expecting them until February so to receive them in January was absolute bonus. I am always a tad cautious about making my mind up solely on a picture I had seen on the web and the 2017 smurfs were no exception. So as always I opened up the box and slowly started examining each one.

These smurfs are definitely different to others Schleich has released before. The pvc material used to make the smurfs feels very different. Yes they are still made of a hard material but in the past you could squeeze a smurf and it would give a little but not the new ones. 

The look of the 2017 smurfs have also changed quite a bit from previous years. It is almost like the smurfs have been on a diet and lost some weight. Things like their tails and hands appear to be half the size of what they used to be. But the most obvious change is with their eyes and eyebrows. The 2017 smurfs all appear to have the same pair of eyes and thin eyebrows. Previously the pupils and eyebrows used to be hand painted onto the smurf and by doing this it allowed each figurine to display their own personality. Sadly this is no longer the case.

But for me the biggest disappointment is with Valentine Smurfette and Bride. In my opinion they look very bland and it feels that Smurfette has lost some of her feminine touch. Yes she still has her long golden blonde hair but she no longer looks flirtatious. This I found very surprising considering the release of the new smurf movie – The Lost Village where it appears Smurfette appears to play a pivotal role in the film.

I have also found the Smurf with Flowers is top heavy and is constantly falling over unless supported. I refuse to prop my smurfs with things like blue tack or adhesive tape. Otherwise I really like this smurf.

The Groom was originally shown in early pictures with a black suit but my version has the Groom in a grey suit. 

The Smurf with key and 4 Leaf Clover are very simple but still very cute. Wearing their famous white trousers and holding out their chosen prop. This should be pleasing for some collectors who felt the Jungle themed smurfs from 2016 were not very smurf like.

Lastly these smurfs were all made in China and include the standard address markings along with a time stamp. Time will tell if they decide to make these in Germany or Tunisia in the future.

Now I just need to be patient and wait for the Movie Set Smurfs! 

Keep on Smurfin 

Kath B

Bring on the Smurfs 2017

The hunt for the new release Smurfs 2017 is now on now that we have hit January. When it comes to the smurfs, Schleich has decided to wait until after Christmas to release their new smurfs. This works for me most of the time but this time it’s driving me a little crazy. Let me explain why.


I have also seen a picture of the Groom Smurf wearing a light grey suit, so time will tell whether or not we have a Groom Smurf wearing a black or light grey suit. For someone who loves collecting variations let’s hope we get both!

Also announced are three three movie smurf sets being released to coincide of the release of the new smurf movie – Smurfs The Lost Village. The funny the thing with this, is that we have very little information on these sets. 

smurfs 2017


Smurfs 2017 Movie Set 1 – Schleich Ref# 20800

Includes 3 smurfs


smurfs 2017


Smurfs 2017 Movie Set 2 – Schleich Ref# 20801

Includes 3 smurfs. Good chance one is Smurfette


smurfs 2017


Smurfs 2017 Movie Set 3 – Schleich Ref# 20802

Includes six smurfs

These are taken from 2017 Schleich catalogue. It’s almost comical how they have displayed these or perhaps the smurfs are still in the early planning stages. 

There is also going to be a Smurf House with two smurfs going to be released at some stage. Once again the details are a little sketchy. 

smurfs 2017


Smurf House with 2 figurines – Schleich Ref 20803. 



So you can now understand why I am little bit excited about the smurf prospects for 2017. 2016 was a year full of surprises by Schleich. At the beginning of the year we thought we were going to get eight soccer smurfs but only got four. Then out of no where the Halloween Smurfs were reproduced. 

Happy smurf hunting to you all in 2017 and thank you once again for taking the time to read this. Smurf collecting is my passion and hopefully yours as well. 

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B