Smurfette with Tea Set

Every Smurf has a story to tell. Smurfette with Tea Set #40245 first released in 1984 is one of the more intereresting ones. Therefore let me explain.

First release

In 1984 Applause (formerly known as Wallace Berrie) first released Smurfette with Tea Set in the USA. Smurfette is wearing a light pink apron over a white dress while holding a lavender coloured cup and teapot. She comes with a table with a pink table top, a lavender cup and dark brown bread. The underside of the table if brown and the table appears to be slightly higher than others. 

But what makes this version highly collectible is that it was only sold for two possibly three years – 1984 to 986. It is also worth noting that the box used by Applause was only used for six Super Smurfs. 

Second release

It wasn’t until 1986 that Schleich started to sell sold Smurfette with Tea Set. Smurfette can be found with a pink apron, over a white dress, pink cup and teapot. Dark pink table top, pink cup, light brown bread. The under side of the table is pink. Schleich sold Smurfette with Tea Set between 1986 to 1993. 

Third release – the most interesting one!

In 1990 in America, Applause decided to relaunch itself which unfortunately failed due to poor sales. As part of the new launch Applause re-released eleven Smurf figurines. All eleven were remakes of existing Smurfs with new markings China Applause ™ Peyo CE. 

Including in the eleven was Smurfette with Tea Set without her table. So with this you just find Smurfette holding a cup and teapot. It is unclear why Applause sold her like this, perhaps they thought it was child safety issue with the table and the little cup and bread. 

As you can see this is what makes Smurfette with a Tea Set such an interesting Smurf to collect. If you are lucky enough to have all three, I suggest that you display in them in the order they were released. Not only are they brightly coloured but allow you to tell a story.

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B

Smurfette with Tea Set

I can’t stand when people try to flog incomplete Super Smurfs. A couple of good examples of this is Smurf in Bathtub #40235 where people try to sell just the smurf without the bathtub or Smurf on Raft #40246 without the raft. However back in 1990 Applause did just this as they sold the Smurfette with Tea Set without the table.

Smurfette with Tea Set was first sold in the USA in 1984. Around 1984 Wallace Berrie had also rebranded itself with the new name of Applause. So this possibly why you can find Smurfette with Hong Kong W. Berrie Co markings but sold in an Applause box. From my understanding only six Super Smurfs were sold with this Applause box. So this is considered extremely rare especially outside the USA.

Like a lot of smurfs made out of Hong Kong, Smurfette is a dark blue colour. She is wearing a light pink apron, and is holding a lavender cup and teapot. It comes with a light pink table top, lavender cup, dark brown bread. The under side of the table is brown. 

Markings on Smurfette: W.Germany Schleich S © 84 Peyo CE. No markings on table.

It wasn’t until 1986 that Schleich started selling their version of Smurfette with Tea set. In the end it was sold by Schleich right through to 1993, so it is possible to find a version with a CE marking. Smurfette can be found painted in a lighter blue colour, pink apron, pink cup and teapot. The table cloth is a darker pink colour compared to the Hong Kong version and underside of the table is same colour. 

Smurfette markings: China Applause ™ Peyo CE

In 1990 Applause released their last smurfs in the USA. In the SCCI (Smurf Collectors Club International) newsletter they called them ‘The Eleven Figurines’. All eleven smurfs are old releases with new markings China Applause ™ Peyo CE. As part of the release they included Smurfette with Teapot (without a table).

It is unclear exactly why Applause decided to do this, one suggestion is that it could have been a child safety issue with the small loose items such as the teacup and bread that previously would be displayed on the table.  

This is a very cute Super Smurf and is well worth collecting whether it be with a table or without. Displaying Smurfette can be a little tricky especially if you have one that leans to the left, like I do. Lucky for me I have been able to find a little wooden box to display her which helps her from falling over. 

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Kath B