Bride & Groom Smurfs

If someone had asked me what I would do at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding to make it different to previous royal weddings, I would advise them to add a Bride & Groom Smurfs on the top of their wedding cake so the whole world could see.

In 1992 Schleich released, eight new smurfs which included Bride and Groom. All these smurfs were made in Germany. The Bride Smurfette, #40412 can be found holding her bouquet of pink flowers, wearing a white wedding dress with pink flowers around her hat. The Groom, #40213 can be foundwearing a blue bow tie, red flower on his chest and a white top hat. 

Both were sold by Schleich from 1992 right through to 2014 and didn’t change much during this time. Some collectors questioned why the Groom was not wearing a pink flower and bow tie to match with Smurfette’s flowers. But overall both Bride and Groom are still very popular with collectors, especially those about to be married. 

In 2013, Schleich released Bride & Groom, #20746 which was one of the first times Schleich combined two figurines. The Groom is wearing a black top hat and tails and is carrying his bashful Bride who is wearing a long white wedding gown. This was part of the 2013 Celebration theme series and was sold up until 2016.

The last Bride and Groom smurfs released by Schleich was in 2017 as part of the Occasion theme series. In my opinion these are the most disappointing ones, as they are seriously lacking any cuteness or personality. The Groom, #20796 looks like he is sleep walking which is a never good sign especially when your wedding day is meant to be one of the biggest days of your life. It was displayed in the catalogues wearing a black top hat tails but was actually sold wearing a grey top hat and tails and the Bride, #20799 just looks bored. 

So if you are looking to get some smurfs to be displayed  on your wedding cake, stick to the Bride and Groom produced back in 1992, I highly recommend them as people just adore them. Well, at least from my experience they did. 

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B


Prototype Smurfs

It’s always fascinating to see some smurfs that were painted one way in a catalogue and for any number of reasons was never actually sold like this. What I would like to know is do these smurfs actually exist? To give you some idea of what I am talking about, I have added pictures from particular Schleich catalogues. These catalogues can be found on the Blue Cavern Forum site and is well worth a visit if you love your smurf history. 

Fancy car with gold steering wheel

In the 1979 Schleich Dealer’s catalogue we see the Car Driver, #40210 with a gold coloured steering wheel. In Europe Car Driver was typically found with a yellow steering wheel and in Australia & USA it was commonly found with a brown steering wheel. The wheels also look a little different in the picture. In the same catalogue there is a picture of the Cyclist, #40501 where the spokes are painted white and the tyres are painted black. Once again this was later sold with grey tyres. More recently I have seen a picture of a Cyclist with black tyres but I could not tell from the picture if this was genuine or not. 

#20105 Scot – brown pipes on bagpipes

In 1979 Bully lost the rights to produce smurfs and by 1980 Schleich was starting to show both Bully and Schleich made smurfs in their catalogue.   Little changed with the Bully smurfs pictured in 1980 Schleich catalogue to what was actually released except for Scot, #20105 which was pictured with brown bagpipes and sold with yellow bagpipes instead. What is a mystery with this smurf, was it Bully or Schleich who changed the colour of the bagpipes. To complicate things, Schleich never changed the Bully markings on Scot between 1980 to 1984 due to some legal agreement made between Bully and Schleich.  

1988 Schleich Dealer’s Catalogue

In the 1988 Schleich Dealer’s catalogue, the Foreman #20229 had a white hard helmet which was later changed to orange. It is also interesting to see that Hula Smurfette and Fitness were only hand drawn sketches. By 1989 the actual figurines appeared in the Schleich catalogue. It should also be noted at this point that in 1988 and 1991 there were no new smurfs produced by Schleich. 

Even in 2017 Groom Smurf, #20796 was originally pictured wearing a black suit and top hat. So imagine my surprise when I received mine wearing a grey suit and top hat. My guess is that they decided to change the colour of the suit so Groom Smurf would not be confused with Bride & Groom, #20746 released in 2013. I think I prefer the Groom wearing a black suit.

Then there is always the infamous Christmas Bell Ringer shown in 1984 Schleich catalogue or the Fireman with the red hose in the 1992 Schleich catalogue……….

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B