2019 Classic Smurfs Review

The new 2019 smurfs released by Schleich have been given the theme name of Classic, which came as a complete surprise to me. The other surprise was that four of eight smurfs had been released two years earlier. I was now suspicious what other surprises laid install for me as I inspected each one.

Back in 2017 Schleich released smurf sets to coincide with some of the main characters of the film – Smurfs The Lost Village. Each of the smurf sets would consist of three smurfs. At the time I took mine out of their boxes which I now regret. If I had known Schleich was going to release Clumsy, Hefty and Brainy as individual figurines I would have left them as a set in their original box. These smurfs made up the set known as Smurfs The Lost Village Movie Village Set 1. (#20800). 

Clumsy – #20810

I am not a big fan of this Clumsy figurine. For me he doesn’t really portray clumsiness he appears to be more bored than anything else. 

Hefty – #20811

This version of Hefty is good but nothing amazing. It would have been nice to see Hefty in a different pose. 

Brainy – #20812

My opinion of Brainy is similar to the ones I have with Hefty. The figurine is OK but lacks imagination. 

Smurfette – #20813

This is the same Smurfette figurine that was used in the Smurfs Lost Village Movie Set 2 (#20801) in 2017. The more recent versions of Smurfette have presented her more plainly. For example they could have added in coloured paint dots on her dress. 

Papa Smurf – #20814

Of recent times Papa Smurf’s white beard appears to be getting bigger and bigger. Perhaps this has something to do with the smurf’s head being bigger than the rest of his body. At least it is a new Papa Smurf figurine!

Greedy – #20815

This is my favourite by far, as it has a little bit of silliness to it.  For example it looks like a bite has been taken out of the cake and his mouth appears to be full. I also like how they show him wearing a white apron. All the others are wearing their customary white trousers and hat except Smurfette and Papa Smurf of course. 

Smurf with Present – #20816

Again I feel Schleich lost a trick with this one, as they could have shown this smurf differently. The similarities of this figurine and Classic Jokey (#20538) are too much for my liking. 

Smurf with Heart – #20817

Could this be the last smurf that Schleich ever make? Let’s hope not, as smurf is cute but lacks imagination in its design. Perhaps they could have painted the heart a brighter red colour or had an arrow going through it. 

Each of these smurfs can be found with the markings on the back of their head and under their feet. Each of these have been made in China and do not have cavity numbers. 

My conclusion:

I am glad to add these smurfs to my collection but wish they could have been more colourful. Once again these smurfs all appear to have a big head and small bodies which I find strange.

This is just my opinion and would love to hear your thoughts of the new smurfs; the good, the bad or the ugly. 

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The return of Hefty Smurf

Was it just me or were we all excited to see Hefty Smurf given a major role in the latest Smurf movie – The Lost Village? There is so much to like about Hefty Smurf, that I was little surprised that it has taken to the third Smurf movie for this character to be given more focus.

In The Smurfs movie released in 2011, Hefty Smurf was only given a small role and in this film we were introduced to a brand new character called Gutsy. In The Smurfs 2 movie Hefty appears in the film but once again appears to play second fiddle to Gutsy. It is unclear in both films why they decided to create and use Gutsy, where they already had the character Hefty at their disposal. Perhaps they felt Hefty was a little boring.

Hefty Smurf is one of the few smurfs that appeared both in the comics and the cartoon series. I always thought that a character that displays strength and bravery and a willingness to help other smurfs were all good traits to promote to young children. 

The other thing that defines Hefty from the other smurfs is his red heart shaped tattoo on his right arm. Hefty is the only smurf that sports a tattoo. Typically smurfs are characterised by their personality and clothing or piece of equipment. 

I also recall when I was growing up that Gymnast, Schleich ref# 20020 was often referred to as Hefty. However BP Australia used to call this as Keep Fit on their promotional material. It wasn’t until 1994 that Schleich produced a Hefty figurine. Hefty was made right up until 2000 by Schleich. Again a little strange considering Hefty was a well known smurf by fans. 

The Lost Village movie may not be to everyone’s liking but it was nice to see the return of some of the original smurf characters such as Vanity and of course Hefty. 

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The Lost Village Review

Buckle yourselves  in, the smurfs are back with their new movie Smurfs – The Lost Village. It has been four years since the last smurf film and this time it was going to include no human characters – hooray! So other than watching an odd preview here there I really had no expectations with this film, which was probably a good thing. 

This fully animated story is mainly focused around Smurfette and her quest to know who she is. We are gently reminded that the all the other smurfs are given their name by their personal trait. We are also reminded that Smurfette was made by evil wizard Gargamel until Papa Smurf saved the day.


The real adventure begins upon the discovering of a mysterious map that sets Smurfette, Brainy, Hefty and Clumsy on a journey through the Forbidden Forest to the find the Lost Village, with Gargamel close behind. Like all good baddies Gargamel is the one that keeps the movie rolling with his silly antics. 

Then within the Forbidden Forest, Smurfette and her three friends come across the Lost Village, that contain only female smurf like creatures. But danger is never far behind…….

It is fair to say that the film is aimed for people who are ‘more than three apples tall’ (as tall as a smurf) and adore pop sings with all the right moves and bright animated colours. The film is also aimed for people who are happy to go with the flow of the movie and not worry about the predictable storyline. 

Without the juggernaut of merchandise that comes with these kind of movies, it is fair to say that these films would never be made in the first place. Perhaps to a small degree we should be happy for this as it gives us new smurf things to collect or for some to rediscover the smurfs from their childhood. 

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