Smurfette with Ice cream

Smurfette with Ice Cream was only sold by Schleich for three years 1984 to 1986. Wearing her white heeled shoes, a white dress with pink polka dots while holding an ice cream cone with both hands. 

In the Der Schlumpf Katalog IV there are lots of different coloured versions. It is unclear whether these are all genuine or not. For some collectors this may not be a big deal as different coloured versions can add brightness to a display.

I think there are only two genuine variations of the Smurfette with ice cream cones, the same colours just a different order – yellow, pink and violet. As the ice cream cone is a removable piece, it is possible to find the scoops of ice cream with two scoops on top followed by one in front or one scoop on top followed by two scoops in front. 

In the early 1990’s new child safety laws for toys were introduced which forced the discontinuation of many smurfs made with removable parts. Sadly this included Smurfette with Ice cream. This is possibly why Smurfette with Ice cream is so collectible today as it is no longer being made by Schleich and quite possibly never will be.

This is rather a shame as just imagine the marketing opportunities that were missed. One only needs to look at the success of Ice Lolly to see how successful it was for Scholler. This promotional smurf is still highly sought after by most smurf fans even if they had never heard of Scholler previously like me.

For those of you who like to collect smurfs made in different countries, there are at least three with Smurfette with Ice cream; W.Germany, Portugal and Hong Kong. It should be noted with the Hong Kong version this does not include W. Berrie or Applause marking just Hong Kong Schleich S © Peyo 1984. For those of you who like to collect smurfs with different paint dots there are at least two; mustard and red. And for those who just like to collect smurfs, have fun and enjoy the experience.

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B


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