What’s a Snik?

Help me! This week I purchased two Sniks but I have no idea what they are. The Covid-19 lockdown in Melbourne got the better of me and I thought I was being brave buying a new type of figurine. However I am now having some serious doubt as I don’t know what they are other than Sniks. Are they related to the Smurfs? Can anyone help me?

The one with the silver and red rocket on it’s back has the markings – Germany Bully 1982 CE. Snik13 under it’s feet.

The second wearing a purple tracksuit and appears to be jogging – Germany Bully 1982 CE. Snik24 under it’s feet.

I am happy to provide you with any other details about the figurines if required. Any information would be really appreciated as it may inspire me to collect more Sniks or even other different types of figurines. Who knows this could be just the beginning…….

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B