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Review: 20827 Vanity Smurf

Ahead of the 2022 Schleich releases, I thought it would be good to revisit the 2021 Smurfs starting with Vanity Smurf.

Firstly I don’t envy Schleich when it comes to creating new Smurfs. Every new Smurf is reviewed differently by children and adults who like to collect. Vanity Smurf is not a new idea by Schleich, with the first one made in 1972. In the beginning it was called Vanity, but we now typically refer to it as Mirror Smurf. In 2005 the Classic series was released by Schleich and also included a Smurf with Mirror. Lastly in 2013, a Vanity Smurf was released and in my opinion the worst.

Upon reviewing Vanity Smurf, I first went to the Schleich website. The description was unbelievably brief – The Schleich Smurf wears a beautiful flower in his hair! I’m not sure who wrote this, but this like all Smurfs except Smurfette and Papa Smurf doesn’t have hair. The pink flower is on it’s white hat. Maybe something got lost in translation.

Fast Facts

Name: Vanity Smurf
Article number: 2.0827
First released: 2021
Markings: Made in Romania Schleich S 2020 Peyo with a date stamp

Perhaps the biggest surprise, was the similarity of the Vanity Smurf #20827 and the Classic Vanity #20537. Up until now I had never noticed, both have a similar pose admiring themselves in the mirror and have a pink flower on their hat. The noticeable differences are the position of their left hand and different moulds used by Schleich.

Did you buy Vanity Smurf in 2021? I recommend you should if you want Schleich to continue to make Smurfs and because this one is kind of cute.

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B

Thanks for reading my current review of 20827 Vanity Smurf. I also wrote this review in 2021 if you want to know more about he 2021 Smurfs.

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