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Review: Good Luck Smurf #20829

Cute but not very creative, is the best way to describe Good Luck Smurf first released in 2021. The Smurf wishes you good luck! If it wasn’t for the words good luck on the sign, I would get this confused with Smurf with Sign #20823. Why did Schleich decide to use the same mould for these two Smurfs?

Some say, Good Luck Smurf is a nice present to give someone starting a new job or opportunity. If this was the case why didn’t Schleich produce a blank sign that allows someone to add their own quote. Like they did for Nameplate #20459 back in 1999.

I also would like to know what a child thinks of this Smurf. For me, Good Luck Smurf lacks flair and is a tad boring. I am also not a big fan of how the eyes are painted on the newer Smurfs. In my opinion, the eyes on a Smurf is what makes it unique but not anymore.

What do you think Schleich should create with future releases? Do you like or dislike Good Luck Smurf? Share your thoughts via our Comments field.

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Kath B

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