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Rocking Horse Super Smurf

Like a lot of Super Smurfs produced by Schleich, the picture of the Rocking Horse, #40221 on the older boxes is a little different to the actual one released. Don’t let this discourage you from collecting this one, as this is a beautiful display piece where you can rock it gently back and forth.

This box was used by Wallace Berrie

The Rocking Horse Super Smurf was sold by Schleich between 1982 through to 1997. Between 1982 to 1995 Schleich used the same picture on their boxes showing us a picture of the Rocking Horse with a rubber-band bridle and brown rockers. It wasn’t until 1995 when Schleich updated their Super Smurf boxes that they updated their pictures.

During the years Schleich sold Rocking Horse, very little changes were made. The changes to be found are more to do with the paint colours used on the horse. The markings can be found under the horse’s belly. So it can be found with W.Germany or Germany as the country marking.

There are at least two different ones from Hong Kong. The markings can be found under the horse’s belly. In the beginning they used a rubber-band as the bridle and glued this to the horse. Later they removed the rubber-band bridle and replaced this with a yellow plastic bridle that is inserted into the horse’s mouth. Possibly copying the one produced by Schleich. Wallace Berrie only sold Rocking Horse between 1982 to 1984.

Made in Hong Kong Schleich S © 1981 Peyo markings

The biggest differences that can be found with Rocking Horse the colour of the horse and it’s tail. The same paint colour was also used for the horse’s hooves and mane. Typically the Hong Kong made one is painted with brown shiny colours and the tail is a darker brown colour. Smaller variances can also be found with the yellow plastic bridle.

However, the major difference can be found with how the smurf sits on the rocking horse. The German made ones have a stuck plug on the horse and the smurf has a hole underneath it’s bottom. The Hong Kong made ones never came with stuck plug. So if you have German made horse and Hong Kong made smurf and you are trying to ensemble together you might encounter some problems!

There are a number of Super Smurfs that the picture displayed on their box doesn’t resemble the actual one released, so if you are ever in doubt just ask the question and I will be happy to help.

Keep on Smurfin

Kath B

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