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Smurf Review: #20451 Singer Smurf

For the record, Singer Smurf is having so much fun. Regardless which one you like, both Singer Smurfs are worthy for any collection.

Let’s first look at the regular Singer Smurf wearing a green t-shirt, an orange jacket, black belt with a silver belt buckle and brown pants. Along with white shoes. The microphone has a black base with a red top.

Rock Singer Smurf from the 40th Anniversary set, wears a yellow t-shirt, a black jacket, silver belt and silver pants. Along with black shoes. The microphone has a black base with a purple top.

Both versions also show Singer holding the microphone in one hand and pointing with his other. Looking at his eyes he looks a bit like a dreamer. 

Schleich only sold Singer Smurf between 1998 and 2000. In my opinion, Smurfette would have made a better lead singer of the Anniversary Band. What do you think?

Keep on Smurfin
Kath B

Rarity Guide

For both Singer Smurfs – I am going to give this 5 Papa Smurfs. Very Rare – a legendary Smurf
1 Papa SmurfNot really rare but still worth collecting
2 Papa SmurfsRare – but not too difficult to find
3 Papa SmurfsExtremely Rare – you’re lucky if you have this one
4 Papa SmurfsUltra Rare – requires skill to collect
5 Papa SmurfsVery Rare – a legendary Smurf

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