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Super Smurfs Racing Cars

Back in 1999 Schleich released two different Racing Cars, one red and one silver. This was during a period which has been referred to as the ‘New Generation Smurf Series’.

Both Racing Cars Super Smurfs may look the same to the ordinary person but upon closer inspection they are not. Both car chassis were designed the same way, but have been painted differently. There are also no Schleich markings on the car, only a large cavity number.

The Smurf’s markings can be found under the feet – Made in China Schleich S Germany © Peyo 98 and a CE marking under bottom. It was produced with and without a blue paint dot.

Typically the ones with a blue paint dot, indicates that the Smurf was made out of a new pvc formula and can also be found with shiny blue paint.

Red Racing Car

The Red Racing Car #40255 was sold by Schleich from 1999 to 2005. The racing car is made out of a red plastic with the grill plates and exhaust pipes painted silver.

The Smurf should also be wearing a matching red racing outfit, with brown gloves and shoes. Along with a white racing helmet with racing goggles. The goggles have a brown strap and silver lens.

It was also sold as a bonus figurine with the French magazine, Je Collectionne les Schtroumpfs in 2005. This one is typically found with matte blue skin.

Silver Racing Car

Strangely, the Silver Racing Car #40256 was only sold until 2002. The racing car is made out of a silver plastic with the grill plates and exhaust pipes painted black.

Like the Red Racing Car Smurf, the Silver Racing Car Smurf should also be wearing a matching silver racing outfit.

Both Racing Car Super Smurfs are highly collectible and make a great display statement. This is possibly because once you take them out of their box, they are possible to put back into the box.

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